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Carl McAloose

The following messages from Carl McAloose were featured in Experiences, Luthercare’s three edition per year organizational newsletter.

Summer 2017: Discover the Heart of Luthercare

Many first-time visitors to our campuses report a similar initial observation – they describe something is wonderfully ‘different’ here. They talk about a feeling, a warm and welcoming culture, a ‘fit’ that is difficult to capture in words. One guest asked, “How did you find so many wonderful people and bring them all together in one community?”

I believe the difference lives in the people – the caring, compassionate individuals who reside and work in our communities.

It’s the people who come together to reflect the ‘heart’ of the organization. Residents choose Luthercare communities to continue the next chapter of their lives and to find new friendships and connections that enrich each day. We are so blessed to have assembled a team who sees their work here as more than a job, but rather as a calling, and they reflect that perspective as they go about their daily work, regardless of their position in the organization.

The vignettes included in this edition of Experiences offer a snapshot of a few of the individuals who make up the heart of Luthercare. Members of our child care team receiving recognition for going above and beyond, a nurse caring enough to bundle a resident for the winter cold so she could once again experience the feeling of snowflakes on her cheeks, new residents taking the time to share their love of polka dancing with their new neighbors, and more.

In the face of a world much more divided than together, it is a great privilege to lead an organization that is much more together than apart – as it is united by a spirit of caring and compassion.

Wishing you a blessed summer,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

February 2017: Investing in Our Future

This edition of Experiences features the completion of our work on the Muhlenberg Apartment Building and inspires me to reflect on our ongoing renovation journey. On March 7, 1949, the organization we currently know as Luthercare was formed to ultimately serve individuals and families in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Providing a warm and inviting senior lifestyle, personal care, skilled nursing and memory support programs, plus child care/early learning, Luthercare has grown to become a premier provider in our local market.

During the past decade, we have invested substantially in renovating our communities to both enrich the experience for those we currently serve and to prepare our welcome for those who will be joining us in the coming years. Katy’s Grill, the Community Center at Luther Acres, the Muhlenberg complex and the Luther Townhome Apartments have been extensively renovated and reconstructed to provide beautiful living and gathering spaces for residents, team members and loved ones. We also continue to enhance and update our offerings at both St. John’s Herr Estate in Columbia and Spang Crest in Lebanon.

This process will never end for us, and we will continually assess what both our current and future clients/residents need and want. We will do that carefully, with an open mind and spirit, and with financial prudence.

One constant throughout the renovation work of the past decade has been the vision and leadership of Curt Evans, Senior Vice President – Operations, and I would like to personally thank him for all he has done during his time with us here at Luthercare. From Executive Director to Senior Executive Director, Vice President and finally Senior Vice President, Curt has guided the execution of both the physical and lifestyle enhancements that have taken place. He has been a friend, colleague and mentor to many of us here at Luthercare, and he will be missed as he moves on to an exciting new opportunity in New Jersey!

It is my pleasure to announce Matthew Oathout will replace Curt as Senior Vice President – Operations. Matt joined Luthercare in 2010 after many years of comprehensive experience in state government, healthcare and senior living. He joined us in the role of Executive Director at the Luther Acres campus and was promoted to Senior Executive Director in 2014. He has demonstrated exceptional leadership capabilities, insight and strategic perspective, and I, along with the Executive Team, welcome and congratulate him into his new role.

Happy New Year! And thank you for your support and friendship!

In service,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

November 2016: Reflecting on Our Work & Looking Ahead

We welcome the arrival of autumn and all it brings – cooler weather, back to school and the opportunity to reflect on our work over the summer months. In this edition of “Experiences” you will find highlights from our successful Tee it up for Kids! Golf Tournament, the valuable project Rev. Glenn Beard, our Director of Church Relations and Pastoral Care, took to the children in our Early Learning Centers and a feature on the team members who are recipients of this year’s Luthercare Nursing Scholarship Fund. Very different components, and all a part of the many ways Luthercare impacts the greater community – in our own backyard and beyond.

For those of us who operate on a fiscal year of January 1 – December 31, this time of year is also budget season. Each year in late summer/early fall, Luthercare leaders responsible for budget development invest many hours reviewing historical spending and revenue information. Our objective is to secure the greatest impact for each dollar we receive and each dollar we spend.

As in years past, our gaze into the future always is hazy with the more global questions such as: What will the economy do next year?, What impact will election results have on organizations like ours?, etc. Undoubtedly, the greatest uncertainty for us is the evolving climate in healthcare with rapidly changing payment structures tied to outcome measures and other quality and performance metrics.

The upside comes, I believe, in the form of a more integrated system of support wrapped around the consumer/patient. A multidisciplinary team comprised of local hospitals, post-acute providers and home care agencies, all guided by the structures and regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, will create a climate wherein a patient will, in concept, “never be released” from clinical support provided by this connected and supportive clinical team.

Luthercare’s ability to work and successfully operate within this evolving new world presents for us, in the short term, a dose of uncertainty; and in the long term, tremendous opportunity to be an even higher quality service provider of choice within our service areas of Lancaster and Lebanon counties.

We ask that you keep us in prayer as we navigate our new realities. Please know we are deeply grateful for the support and commitment we receive from so many – our residents and clients, donors, local congregations, team members and community partners.

In service,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

July 2016: Recognizing Milestones & Advancements

The long-awaited summer has arrived, a reason for celebration unto itself, after the long, dark winter. And, in addition to welcoming the warmer temperatures and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities, we also recognized several milestones and achievements at Luthercare over these past several months.

At our Board of Directors Annual Meeting in April, we acknowledged outgoing Board members who have made a significant impact on the work of Luthercare in various ways over the past several years. We sincerely thank Robert A. Brandt, Jr., Rev. Andrew Evenson and Rev. Janice Marie Lowden for their generous gifts of time, valuable perspective and resources. We also extend a warm welcome to Rev. David Fisher as the new Director.

A quarter-century of service was celebrated through our work at St. John’s Herr Estate in Columbia. A full week of events were held, culminating with a community-wide party on the official anniversary day, recognizing 25 years of providing vibrant senior living in western Lancaster County.

An Open House in early June marked the successful completion of Phase One of our transformational renovation at the Muhlenberg Apartment Building at Luther Acres in Lititz. We welcomed prospective residents to tour our beautiful new first-floor spaces, new dining venues and visit several different styles of apartments.

Phase Two, which includes the hallways and gathering spaces in Independent Living and Personal Care, along with the creation of Community Kitchens for all-day dining for our Personal Care residents, has begun with anticipated completion by April 2017. An exterior facelift to the Muhlenberg Apartment Building is also in process and will be finished this fall.

An updated lobby greets visitors at Spang Crest in Lebanon along with interior renovations to the second and third floor common spaces and care centers, providing residents and their families with new, open areas to relax and visit.

Celebration and recognition was also offered by other community organizations for the important work we do each day. The SAIL (Systems Aligned in Learning) program, the collaboration of the Library System of Lancaster County, Lancaster County Council of Churches, Fizika Group, LLC, COBYS Family Services and South Central Regional Key, with Luthercare for Kids’ Mentoring program serving as the lead agency, was acknowledged as one of the most successful examples of the United Way of Lancaster County’s new collaborative funding initiative at their celebration dinner in June. And Tia Bergman, Director of Luthercare for Kids – Annville, was recognized for outstanding service in early childhood education in Lebanon County by the Lebanon Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (LVAEYC).

The year is passing quickly. We enter the second half of 2016 thankful for God’s gifts and with prayers for His continued guidance and blessing.

In service,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

January 2016: Reflecting on 2015 and Looking Ahead to 2016

With the New Year upon us, we reflect on 2015 and look ahead with great anticipation to another year of opportunity to reflect on Christ’s love through service to others.

Partnership was the definitive theme of this past year, and it took many forms. Our partnership with Moravian Manor was created and Your Neighborhood Connection, our new In-Home Services program, was born. Both we, and our partners at Moravian Manor, have been pleasantly surprised by the “ideal fit” our organizations have with one another. We believe our shared values and similar cultures will be of great benefit to our clients as we begin providing services to campus residents in early 2016.

Our Community Engagement work has provided opportunities for several new partnerships and alliances as we work to magnify impact throughout our service area. The Luthercare for Kids’ Mobile Mentoring program is the foundation for the SAIL (Systems Aligned in Learning) collaborative and currently provides training and educational materials to homebased child care providers in Lancaster and Lebanon counties. Partners with us in the SAIL project include The Library System of Lancaster County, Lancaster County Council of Churches, Fizika Group, COBYS Family Services and South Central Regional Key. We are thrilled to be the lead agency for this comprehensive group of providers coming together to provide vital services! SAIL will offer home-based child care providers, and the at-risk families they serve, the same resources and nurturing counsel available in center-based preschools and will help prepare children to enter school as eager and ready learners.

Several times each year we meet with a group of Lutheran social ministry organizations from throughout the Commonwealth to review and consider opportunities for greater coordination, optimization and expansion of services. Lutheran social ministry organizations serve 1 in 50 individuals throughout the US, and given our concentration here in Pennsylvania, that number drops to one in 49. It is crucial for us to be as efficient and effective as we are able, given the impact we have in the region. This state-wide group has been successful in gaining additional recognition and visibility for our system and has also established a website, which makes it easier for those needing services or seeking to support us to locate each of us throughout Pennsylvania. And probably the most significant achievement for this group is the communication and connection. Each time we come together, we learn from one another and find new ways to support and strengthen our shared work.

2015 was a successful year in all the typical forms organizations like ours measure – occupancy in our senior living communities, enrollment in our child care centers, financial ratios, etc. All those indicators are critical for us to remain a healthy organization capable of serving the thousands we support. But the most rewarding indicator of success comes in the form of the declaration from the parent of a child at our Luthercare for Kids – Lebanon Early Learning Center who, with tears in her eyes, declared, “My son has learned so much and been so wonderfully cared for. All I can say is ‘thank you!’” And from the St. John’s Herr Estate resident who simply stated, “I am exactly where I want to be!”

We are deeply appreciative for the many blessings of this year. We wish you good health and great joy in 2016!

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

October 2015: The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration, our theme for this edition of Experiences, is the “fully optimized” version of Connection, one of Luthercare’s Core Values. Collaboration is most successful when individuals, groups, organizations – and even nations – connect and bring their best assets together to build something better than any one entity could do on their own.

In that spirit, it is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce our joint venture with our Lititz neighbor Moravian Manor to provide in-home services through our new organization, Your Neighborhood Connection.

This partnership was born as a result of a conversation between me, David Swartley, President and CEO of Moravian Manor, and Dan Zimmerman, Warwick Township Manager. Sometimes it takes someone outside your immediate scope of vision to view you through a different lens and help identify potential and possibilities. We thank Dan for his insight and for taking the initiative to offer his perspective.

We explore a few of our current examples of collaboration within these pages – including the SAIL (Systems Aligned in Learning) project and our new role in the Lutheran Disaster Relief effort. These partnerships, each with their own structures, participants, personalities and objectives, share the characteristic of being an opportunity for Luthercare and our many partners to make a greater impact in the communities we serve by working together.

Collaboration is the critical element making it possible for organizations to grow and thrive, and it is essential in these ever-changing economic times. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of the many collaborative relationships in which we currently participate! Further, we welcome, encourage and anticipate many new opportunities in the coming months and years.

With sincere thanks to our partners and supporters,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare

April 2015: Connection: At the Heart of Luthercare

Connection. It is one of Luthercare’s core values, and also the heart ofthe work we’ve begun in Community Engagement, as we describe on the front page of this newsletter. Our commitment to the community beyond the walls of our Senior Living Communities and Early Learning Centers is a characteristic that makes us unique.

We are using our resources – our aggregate knowledge as an organizational team, the support and strength of the partnerships we’ve established, our skills and passion, and our connections – to bring attention to some of the most challenging issues facing the populations we serve: young children and their families and older adults. 

We believe as a mission-based organization, reflecting Christ’s love through service to others can and should take many different forms. Through our community engagement efforts we are creating new connections through the many things we learned through the needs assessment and the programs and collaborations that will develop to address those needs. And at the core of the work will be a renewed commitment to identify opportunities to connect, to grow and ultimately to serve.

With warmest wishes for a joy-filled summer,

Carl R. McAloose
President and CEO, Luthercare