An Unexpected Journey Through the Luthercare Continuum

David Karl

Meet David Karl. Research shows a great majority of people 65 and older will need long-term care services at some point in their lifetimes, which is a big reason why Continuing Care Retirement Communities have soared in popularity over the past few decades.

Senior living communities, such as Luther Acres, offer a wide range of senior care and lifestyle services that typically include independent living apartments and cottages, personal care or assisted living, memory care and skilled nursing. These campuses are popular with those who are looking for a community that meets their needs both now and in the future. Most people move into a senior living community when they are active and seeking opportunities for life enrichment, but do so knowing more care is available should the need arise.

David Karl is not most people.

David Karl came to Luther Acres for skilled nursing care following hospitalization. He had been receiving home care services, but after developing a serious infection, he required the more complex care available at a skilled center. Around the same time, David’s wife Betsy’s health declined and she, too, moved to the Healthcare Center at Luther Acres.

“The staff did a wonderful job helping us see each other several times a day,” says David. “We enjoyed meals together and saw each other frequently. I truly believe this played a role in our healing.”

David came to Luther Acres unable to walk. As David grew stronger, he was able to walk with a walker, and then a cane. Now, with his mobility restored, he walks unaided. As he continued to improve, the staff suggested a transfer to personal care. Believing that returning to his home would no longer be the best option for him or Betsy, David moved into a personal care residence on campus. Betsy joined him shortly after that.

“We were very happy living in our apartment,” says David. “We received the support and oversight we needed by a very accommodating staff. The activities and lifestyle were wonderful for us.”

As Betsy’s life-limiting illness progressed, she returned to the Healthcare Center for the care she required. David says he feels fortunate that he could still visit her often. After Betsy passed, David continued to reside in personal care, but it became apparent he no longer needed the additional support provided there. He moved to a new independent living apartment in the Luther Townhome Apartment Building – where he remains today. “I have the perfect location,” says David. “I’m close to the pool and gym, which I use nearly every day. I’m right near Katy’s Grill. It was a great move for me.”

David says life at Luther Acres has been very good. “At every level, everyone was exceptionally attentive, caring and pleasant,” he says. “I never had to worry about anything. They were thoughtful and kind. The residents were also friendly and welcoming across the board. Luther Acres has been a wonderful experience for me, and I highly recommend it to everyone – at every single level of care.”

Today, David is busier than ever. From water aerobics to weight training to using the equipment in the Wellness Center to walking around campus, David keeps up his strength by working out several times a week. He goes to nearly all of the on-campus entertainment programs and enjoys spending time with friends at Katy’s Grill. “Luthercare is truly remarkable. I feel fortunate and am very, very happy.”