St. John’s Herr Estate Resident Celebrates 100th Birthday

St. John’s Herr Estate resident Harlan Eye celebrated his 100th birthday today with friends and family at the Luthercare senior living community in Columbia.

Harlan shared photos and mementos from his childhood as he marked the milestone, marveling at the occasion. He was congratulated by state Sen. Ryan Aument, who also attended the party.


How Healthy Aging Techniques Improve Quality of Life

A commitment to healthy aging can make an enormous difference in our lives as we age.Healthy aging involves a conscious, deliberate process for maintaining the highest level offunctioning possible for our minds, bodies and emotions as we get older.

A Prescription for Healthy Aging

Healthy aging does not typically occur without some degree of planning and engagement.

Experts in the field of gerontology tell us that some of the negative consequences associated

with aging can be counteracted, and even reversed, by providing the right programs,