20th Annual Tee it up for Kids! Golf Tournament and Celebration Dinner on ‘Par’ for Luthercare for Kids Scholarship Goals!

It was truly “golf weather” on September 8, 2014, at the Bent Creek Country Club, Lititz, where 120 golfers spent the afternoon teeing it up for kids in support of the Luthercare for Kids Scholarship Fund. Robert Brandt, Jr., Chairman and Founder of Benchmark Construction (the event’s Anniversary Sponsor) and Chair of Luthercare’s Board of Directors, welcomed a field of generous individuals, corporate sponsors, Luthercare residents and staff all vying for first place. The prize turned out to be four highly desired Championship Club VIP passes to the 2015 U.S.


Healthy Eating Tips for Seniors

When it comes to staying mentally alert and energetic, the right diet can make all of the difference for seniors. Eating right may not only increase your lifespan, but also increase the quality of the life you are living. Here are some healthy eating tips for seniors.

Colorful Meals


Make Living In a Retirement Community Feel Like Home

There’s no reason for senior retirement communities to feel like downgrades from independent lifestyle. While some individuals may have some trouble adjusting to retirement from the hustle and bustle of owning your home, there are many things you can do to make the move a wonderful experience.


Spotlight on St. John's Herr Estate

St. John’s Herr Estate is one of Luthercare’s continuing care retirement communities for seniors. This campus provides residents with the ultimate in flexibility; should you make the decision to move into our community, you will have the option of choosing to live in either an apartment or one of our comfortable cottages. Furthermore, our housing options come in an assortment of both one- and two-bedroom designs.

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When to Consider Moving Into a Retirement Community

It can be a difficult decision to think about moving into a continuing care retirement community. Today’s senior citizens often hesitate to do so because they fear they will lose their independence. Many experts believe that you should start planning sooner rather than later; nothing is set in stone, so you should always try to anticipate potential roadblocks. It might be time for you to move if:

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Study: Social Isolation Increases Risk of Death for Seniors

We often hear from seniors that they would rather stay in their home or apartment than move to a retirement community. This is a common reaction and is completely understandable since all of us share some degree of insecurity about change and with unfamiliar things. However, based on the results of a recent study on aging, maintaining the status quo can actually be harmful to your health.


Heart Smart Activities Improve Your Quality of Life!

According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation ( it's never too

late to add activity to your life regardless of your age. Regular physical activity can help you

live longer and also prolong your health, mental acuity and independence to help you enjoy a

better quality of life.

You can keep your heart healthy no matter how old you are, but it does take effort. That’s why

leading senior living communities such as Luther Acres, St. John’s Herr Estate or Spang Crest,


How Healthy Aging Techniques Improve Quality of Life

A commitment to healthy aging can make an enormous difference in our lives as we age.Healthy aging involves a conscious, deliberate process for maintaining the highest level offunctioning possible for our minds, bodies and emotions as we get older.

A Prescription for Healthy Aging

Healthy aging does not typically occur without some degree of planning and engagement.

Experts in the field of gerontology tell us that some of the negative consequences associated

with aging can be counteracted, and even reversed, by providing the right programs,


Brain Fitness Means Better Living for Seniors

According to medical experts who specialize in neuroscience, a physically active and socially engaged lifestyle, along with good nutrition, is a great way to promote brain fitness and delay the onset of memory loss for as long as possible. That is why leading senior living providers, such as Luthercare, provide specialized programs and activities designed to keep residents’ minds active, fit and healthy.


Lititz Fire & Ice Festival

Join Luther Acres again this year at the Lititz 2013 Fire & Ice Festival, February 15-18. Luther Acres will have a sculpture in the Lititz park and will participate in the chili cook-off on Saturday, February 16. This year Luther Acres' charity is the Lititz Library, supporting childhood literacy.