Community Needs Assessment 2015 Executive Summary

Luthercare invited community stakeholders from Lancaster and Lebanon Counties to attend a community forum to share the key findings of the 2014 Community Engagement Needs Assessment. Following the research presentation, community partners participated in a facilitated discussion to provide feedback on the research results. Community partners suggested potential opportunities for Luthercare to support existing community efforts through promotion, awareness, and resources (volunteers and funding). Community partners were also supportive of new efforts to reduce social isolation and expand intergenerational opportunities.

Luthercare will continue to work with community partners to determine avenues for future service, collaboration, and impact in the communities in which it serves. Luthercare plans to use information gathered through the Community Engagement Needs Assessment to both inform and engage the greater community in a collective initiative to improve the overall quality of life for older adults and children.

Below you will find a link to the Community Needs Assessment 2015 Executive Summary. The document summarizes significant findings from the 2014 Community Engagement Needs Assessment and will be examined by the strategic planning committee of the Board and the Executive Leadership Team to determine the next steps. After hearing feedback from community partners who participated in the Community Forum, the Board has expressed interest in helping seniors and their families navigate available programming and community resources, connecting the families of their childcare programs with available insurance programming and community resources, providing intergenerational opportunities, and enhancing volunteer efforts both within the walls and beyond the walls of Luthercare. Luthercare will also seek to develop and enhance community partnerships so they are well-positioned to create community impact.

2015 Executive Summary