Luthercare’s Code of Conduct

Luthercare fulfills its mission – to “reflect Christ’s love through service to others” – through the dedicated efforts of its board members, team members, donors, volunteers, community partners, vendors, contractors, Friends groups and suppliers.

Many of the services we provide are highly regulated. Our residents and clients, the agencies that survey, accredit, and license us, individuals, the churches and congregational partners that support us, and the federal and state government programs that reimburse us all demand a high level of quality and compliance.

Luthercare has long been committed to integrity and ethics in its business practices and operations. Our revised Code of Conduct builds on this history and the expectations set forth in the organization’s “Rules to Protect Us All.” It applies to all who serve on Luthercare’s behalf.

Luthercare reflects Christ’s love through service to others.

INTEGRITY – As individuals and as an organization, we act in alignment with our values. We operate as a connected and harmonious whole.

*We will “do the right thing, in the right way” as we carry out our jobs on a daily basis.

*We will comply with the laws, regulations and contractual obligations that apply to the services we provide and will comply with the standards Luthercare has developed to ensure quality.

*We will be honest and transparent with regulators, funders, donors, and the public.

*We will document services accurately, completely, and in a timely manner.

*We will submit claims that are accurate, complete and supported by appropriate documentation.

*We will maintain accurate business and organizational records and follow generally accepted accounting principles.

*We will disclose potential or actual conflicts of interest to Luthercare for resolution.

*We will not accept cash or cash equivalents, or any gifts of more than nominal value, from our residents or clients or their families or from any person or organization doing, or seeking to do, business with Luthercare, except for gifts given in support of the organization’s mission through our philanthropy program.

*We will implement and maintain internal processes to help us identify potential problems and to fix them.

COMPASSION – We are attuned to the needs of others, seeking opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the people we serve.

*We will support Luthercare’s mission “to reflect Christ’s love through service to

*We will focus on quality of care in the services we offer.

*We will treat people with respect and dignity.

*We will honor the gift of diversity among our team members, our residents and our clients and will not harass, discriminate against or demean anyone on the basis of race, color, religious creed, disability, handicap, ancestry, sexual orientation, national origin (including limited English proficiency), age or sex.

*We will maintain the confidentiality, privacy and security of information about our residents, clients, and donors.

*We will promptly report all suspected abuse, neglect, mistreatment or misappropriation of property of our residents or clients.

TEAMWORK – We work together as a team, embracing and rejoicing in the collective power of our many gifts.

*We will show respect for our fellow team members and the gifts they bring to Luthercare.

*We will work with our team members to create and maintain a safe workplace and environment of care.

*We will be reliable and dependable and will support each other as we go about our tasks.

*We will care together for the resources we have been given to do our work.

*We will support the standards and processes Luthercare puts in place to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

*We will report concerns and allegations of non-compliance in good faith and cooperate with Luthercare’s efforts to investigate.

*We will not retaliate, or tolerate retaliation, against team members, residents, clients or family members, or any others who report concerns or allegations of non-compliance in good faith.

CONNECTION – We honor connectedness, inside and out. We welcome and initiate partnerships with complementary organizations and individuals recognizing that, together, we can more powerfully impact the communities we serve.

*We will act in good faith in all dealings with our mission partners, business partners and donors.

*We will not seek to influence business partners, referral sources, government agencies or representatives by offering gifts, payments or other inducements.

*We will participate in advocacy and lobbying efforts that align with our mission and will comply with all laws regarding political activity by not-for-profits.

*We will seek partnerships with individuals and organizations who uphold the same high standards of conduct.

LEARNING – We enhance our ability to advance and adapt as an organization and as individuals through our ongoing commitment to continuous learning and discovery.

*We will support Luthercare’s ongoing quality improvement and assurance activities.

*We will participate in training so that we continue to understand the laws, regulations and standards that apply to our daily tasks.

*We will ask for help when we have questions.

*We will support and coach fellow team members learning new skills or new responsibilities.

This code of conduct describes principles and rules of behavior to be followed by every team member as part of Luthercare’s Compliance and Ethics program. It is not the intent of this code of conduct to cover every situation that may be encountered.

We encourage you to raise concerns and ask questions in good faith with your supervisor without fear of reprisal or retaliation. Luthercare has a strict non-retaliation standard.

However, if you are more comfortable, you may also call Luthercare’s Compliance Officer at 717-626-1171 X 1554 and/or use our internal anonymous confidential Compliance & Ethics hotline number at 717-626-0668, or use our compliance email at

In addition, we provide an external anonymous hotline number through a third party vendor (Lighthouse) at 1-800-401-8004 (English speaking) and 1-800-216-1288 (Spanish speaking) or you may file an anonymous report on their website at   or on their mobile app, “Lighthouse Anonymous Report” with the keyword “Luthercare”.

Issued Dec. 30, 2008; revised Apr 1, 2013; Nov. 18, 2018; Dec. 30, 2020

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