Team Member Spotlight: John Robison

A man kneeling in a flowerbed planting flowers.

John Robison beautifies our grounds at Luther Acres — A Luthercare Community


If you’re outside on any given day at our Lititz community, there’s a good chance that you’ll see this month’s featured Team Member. Meet John Robison, our Grounds Supervisor at Luther Acres. John has been with Luthercare for two-and-a-half years, and alongside his team, John takes care of mowing, weeding, shrub- and tree-trimming, leaf pickup, arranging campus planters, cleaning gutters, pressure washing, snow removal, and other landscaping-related work on campus. His work serves our residents and team members, ensuring that the environment around them is properly maintained and aesthetically pleasing.

In addition to the larger areas, John also enjoys taking on individual landscaping projects. When we are ready to welcome new cottage neighbors into the community, John sets up a one-on-one meeting with the soon-to-be residents where he gets an idea of their preferences of colors, arrangements, and more. With that information in mind, he puts together a landscaping renovation plan, which he and his team then execute. The result is a beautiful, personalized exterior that residents will enjoy for years to come. “I want to do a good job not only for the campus itself, but for the residents. They’re the ones we’re here for,” John says.

While John’s workflow may vary depending on the season and weather, what he appreciates about his role is having a consistent schedule that helps him enjoy a good work/life balance year-round – something that isn’t always possible with many landscaping careers.  At Luther Acres, John can do what he loves while also being involved in things that mean the most to him. “I enjoy date nights with my wife and coach my kids’ athletic teams. It’s great to be able to get home and get them off the bus, watch them play sports, and see them succeed in school. Having a life outside of work is very important to me,” John says.

In his own words, John is “a part of making this campus look the way it does.” And our campus looks beautiful! Thank you for making it happen John!


To learn more about how you can find a rewarding career with us like John did, visit our “Careers” tab and check out our job listings!

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