Luthercare responds to LIMA physician’s opinion article

We regret that Lebanon Internal Medical Associates chose to portray our decision to partner with our major healthcare systems as a departure from choice that would negatively impact our resident care.

Spang Crest, a faith-based, not-for-profit skilled care center operated by Luthercare, has been a part of the Lebanon community for nearly half a century. During that time, we have chosen to work with many quality providers that have continually enhanced the care given. The skilled care centers of today are not the “nursing homes” of years past. The intensity of services required by the complexity of illnesses we encounter has risen dramatically over the past few years.

Our need to align with major health networks does not demean the unaffiliated providers, nor does it diminish the care we provide.  The breadth of resources, availability of professional care given, and the synergy of care can only be provided by those systems.

Luthercare and Spang Crest are not alone in having to make difficult decisions that we know will positively impact our care going forward. Physician groups are also doing the best they can to meet the needs of their patients.  All healthcare providers are negatively affected by the decrease in reimbursement that shows only more of the same going forward.  Each organization will make decisions affecting their success and survival in the future.

Our commitment to exceptional care has never faltered.  Our 5-Star ratings are a testament to that commitment.  We understand that these decisions impact our residents in many ways.  Please understand that our decisions made today are not a step away from quality of care, but a series of major strides toward increasing quality in a very challenging, heavily regulated environment that sees our resources stressed daily.  We will continue to be a strong, compassionate provider in Lebanon County.  We wish LIMA nothing but success in the field and with the challenges they face.

Carl R. McAloose, MHA, NHA, CASP
President and CEO, Luthercare

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