Meet Jean Lacey

Jean Lacey A woman sits in a comfy armchair in her home.

“I’m glad I’m here. I haven’t regretted one minute.”

Jean Lacey has been to many places: the British Isles, Russia, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and various destinations in the United States. But Lititz is where she calls home. A New Jersey resident for most of her life, Jean became familiar with southcentral Pennsylvania during trips to see friends and attractions in the area. After Hurricane Sandy hit her town in 2012, she knew it was time to explore her options for senior living. She found just what she was looking for when friends invited her to see the space they were moving into at Luther Acres. “I knew that I was going to make a decision to move to Independent Living, but I had no idea where. I thought it was going to be two or three years down the road. But when I came up with [her friends], I loved the campus,” she said.

Since her move to Luther Acres in 2014, Jean has enjoyed going on women’s breakfast trips, playing shuffleboard, attending campus events such as the Strawberry Festival, hearing live band music in the Community Room, and bonding with others through a shared love of puzzles and needlepoint. Even though she didn’t know anyone when she moved in, besides the friends she visited with, she quickly adjusted to the community. “The people here are very caring. You could go down to lunch and sit with anybody,” she said.

While at Luther Acres, Jean has also been able to take advantage of the services we offer, including physical therapy and other rehabilitation services. While she has remained largely in good health, the knowledge that support is available to her has been reassuring. “I know I have the care here if I need it. What more could you want?” she said. And, she added, when any maintenance needs arise within her apartment, “you just pick up the phone,” and a staff member is quick to help. Now, she’s busy enjoying the things she loves, like volunteering, walking around campus, and playing cards with her Saturday lunch group.

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