Team Member Spotlight: Bambi Treier

After graduating high school in 2005, Bambi Treier started working with Luthercare for Kids — Reamstown in a float position – adapting to different classrooms and age groups as needed. In the 17 years that followed, Bambi has worked in the young infant room, as a group supervisor, as a co-teacher with center director Lee Gibison, and as a teacher in the toddler classroom. Her experience with a variety of age and skill levels is just one of the things that makes her a great addition to our talented childcare team!

In addition to being a skilled individual, Bambi also credits her success to the Reamstown team. Having a “great core staff” helps greatly with routines, since “everyone knows what each of their kids need.” This flexible, team-centered approach has helped them gain community awareness and return parents and families who are satisfied with the services they provide.

In her interview, Bambi also stressed that childcare workers are not just babysitters, citing their many responsibilities, which include teaching children basic academic and personal skills like colors, numbers, math, potty training, self-care, and social awareness, to name a few.  Even with that level of responsibility, Bambi still expresses satisfaction with her job, and said multiple times that she loves working with kids. One thing she especially enjoys is “seeing the kids grow and accomplish things.”

Thank you, Bambi, for educating the next generation!


A teacher attending to three young students during a meal in a childcare center.

Bambi Trier teaching basic motor skills during mealtime at Luthercare for Kids — Reamstown.

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