Team Member Spotlight: Emily Robarge

A pool full of people in bathing suits exercising with resistance training bars made for the water.

Emily Robarge teaches a pool class.

Emily Robarge has been a Wellness Specialist at Luther Acres—A Luthercare Community since June of 2023. Before joining our team, she studied exercise science at Bloomsburg University; worked as a physical therapy aide at a smaller assisted living facility in Long Island, NY; and was a manager, director, and group fitness instructor at other gyms.

Emily enjoys working on her feet and getting to know people while helping them improve their overall health. At Luther Acres, she helps our residents do just that through a combination of one-on-one training sessions, a variety of land and pool classes, as well as special wellness events and activities.

“If you walk into our Wellness Center, that’s a win for me. Getting motivation is the hardest part in anybody’s fitness routine. You just need to take the first step through the door, and we can help you out the rest of the way,” Emily said.

Thankfully, taking that first step is easy at Luther Acres. New residents or Priority Wait List members only need to obtain a physician referral and a couple of other forms before they use the Wellness Center. Once there, our wellness team provides a gym orientation, where you can talk about your goals, receive training and instruction on fitness machines, and get tailored workouts based on your needs. From there, you can exercise on your own, with friends, or with the wellness team.

Since arriving, Emily has seen great progress from residents. After starting pickleball on campus, people have gone from complete beginners to being able to play volleys back and forth. In another instance, Emily has been working with a resident on coordination and agility, and he recently told her that he was “definitely noticing a difference in the way that I feel and the energy that I have.” Another resident had regularly attended pool classes before an injury and was hesitant to return even after her injury had healed. She decided to try a few one-on-one sessions in the pool with Emily to run through exercises and feel comfortable again in the water, and she was able to return to group pool classes and reconnect with a friend.

“Getting moving again was a win in general for her. Now we’re looking to get her back into her normal fitness routine,” Emily remarked. “Working here, I get to know so many different people. Getting to know them, their goals, and watching them hit them is one of the most inspiring things I see.”

Emily is excited to continue encouraging residents along their fitness journey while working on new programs, classes, and finding other ways to improve the health of our residents. “They’re learning from me, and I’m learning from them. That’s what I love about it,” Emily said.

To see Emily and her work in action, visit the Wellness Center, or search for our fitness group on Facebook, “Luther Acres Wellness Center”, for fitness videos, updates, and more!

Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Emily, in helping our residents achieve their wellness goals!

Emily Robarge standing at the front of a room with pool noodles in hand, drumming on a fitness ball. Seveal residents in chairs do the same in front of her.

Emily Robarge teaches our Drumline class in the Wellness Center.

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