Team Member Spotlight: Natasha Bilik

A nurse standing next to a table with four women seated around it.

Natasha Bilik helps make sure residents in personal care enjoy their lunchtime meal.

Natasha may be the only nurse in her family, but caring instincts come to her naturally as a result of being in a large family. “I grew up in a family of six. We always helped each other, we always helped mom and dad, we always helped the neighbors.” This compassionate attitude is something that translates well into her current role at Luther Acres where she works as a Medication Technician/Resident Care Aide in Personal Care.

In her position, Natasha has a variety of daily tasks to complete, but all are focused on helping our residents stay well and be engaged. “They feel when you are sincere,” she said. On any given day, Natasha can be found assisting residents with meals, delivering critical medication, documenting care, collecting linens, and encouraging social interaction by keeping residents up-to-date on what’s going on around campus. Natasha takes all of her responsibilities very seriously, but especially those related to direct care. “I’ve always been really careful, I always check many times…It’s a person’s life in your hands,” she said. Even with the crucial nature of her work, she does it all with a smile, commitment to excellent service, and a practiced ease that comes from having been at Luther Acres for 19 years.

When asked what has kept her here for nearly two decades, Natasha said she likes to work with everyone on the team and considers them “all my friends.” She also appreciates the administrators she’s worked with. “Each administrator is like a role model. They’re really sweet and nice to me. I’ve never ever had a problem, and if I have any questions I go to them,” she said.

Thank you, Natasha, for helping to provide our residents with everything they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives!


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